BreedingOntario Falconry Centre provides captive-bred Birds of Prey and hybrids by way of artificial insemination to Apprentice Falconers and Licensed Falconers who are registered with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources as well as International Falconers. Falconers seeking the utmost quality in a bird of prey can rest assured that Ontario Falconry Centre can provide just that. With endless hours of time spent, patience and an abundance of knowledge and experience with breeding, feeding and handling, Ontario Falconry Centre can assist you in selecting the right fit your you from their in-house selection.

Our selection of breeding raptors:

White Gyr, Black Gyr, Pure Saker, Altai Saker, Peregrine, Merlin, American Kestrel,
Gyr-Saker, Gyr-Peregrine

Harris, Red-Tailed, Coopers, Sharpshinned, Euro/Northern Gos, Finnish Gos, Northern Gos, Ferruginous

Eagles & Owls
Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Eurasian Eagle Owl