Apprenticeship-FalconerOntario Falconry Centre offers two programs: Intro to Falconry, the apprenticeship program for beginners and Advanced Falconry for those who have completed their apprenticeship and wish to take hunting with their raptor to the next level!

To begin the falconry program, you must complete an Ontario Small Game Hunting course and exam provided by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Once this is achieved, you will receive your Small Game License and can then register with Ontario Falconry Centre as an Apprentice. You most complete two Octobers, therefore, the duration of the Intro to Falconry is 15 months, or October to October, which ever comes first.

Not quite sure if Falconry is for you? Contact us today and we can advise you further.

Intro to Falconry – Program Breakdown
–About Falconry
–Selecting a Raptor
–Required Gear
–Lure Training
–Flight Training

Advanced Falconry  – Program Breakdown
–Waiting On
–Take a Pitch
–Multiple Kills
–Fly in a Cast
–Car Hawking