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ForSale-FalconerGot the bird? Get the Gear!

Ontario Falconry Centre supplies all the gear you’ll need to begin immersing yourself in the art of Falconry. With all the cool products available on the market, it’s very easy to get carried away and over purchase. Our products are of the finest, hand-made leather craftsmanship available in every size of Raptor and Falconer.

Ontario Falconry Centre will assist you by providing the option to purchase an Apprentice Falconer’s Kit. This will ensure you have all the gear you will need to complete the program rather than purchasing items you’ll never use.

Our products range from gear for your bird as well as handling, housing, hunting, breeding and feeding products. For more information, give us a call today!

Our list of Falconry Food and Gear:

Day-old chicks, Quail

Block or Bowl Perches, Pakistani Bells, Leather/Braided/Parachute Jesses and Lures, Sampo Swivels, Leather Hoods, Netback or Cowhide Gauntlets/Gloves